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Wedgwood's InnSchool for Aspiring Innkeepers

Around 1980, Nadine and Carl Glassman had a dream to own a bed and breakfast country inn.  They were part of an emerging class of professionals who rejected suburban conformity and urban complexity.  It was the life of the small town and a gingerbread Victorian house filled with antiques that drew them.  In 1982 they plunged forward buying an inn, the Wedgwood Bed & Breakfast, in New Hope, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Since then, they have expanded to include a collection of three inns.  And Carl has co-authored a book for aspiring innkeepers (How to Start and Run Your Own Bed and Breakfast Inn).  Carl and Nadine have opened their inn to others who have the same dream and offer an opportunity to "apprentice" with them, to see if the reality of owning an inn is as interesting as the fantasy.

All our "learning vacation programs" take place in New Hope, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A small river town across from Lambertville (NJ), New Hope has a 350 year history as a big centre for antiques, handcrafts, historic attractions, fine dining and live music and entertainment. Click here to read about New Hope being voted the # 1 Arts Destination in America's Small Cities/Towns category for 2005/6.

New Hope's 1870 Wedgwood Inn - Jessica,  future innkeeper

Future Innkeeper

The three avenues for learning are:


A complimentary blast from the past;
a Comment from a former guest (c. Spring 1982), now an innkeeper.

Dear Carl and Nadine,

I don't suspect you'll remember me; I was a guest at your Inn around the mid 1980's. I had just taken a position at Drexel Univ. and went to New Hope with my partner. You were the first B & B I ever stayed at - but certainly not the last. I was completely in awe of what you created and immediately fell in love with the concept of a bed and breakfast. I can't remember much about many of the B & B's I've stayed at - although almost all were very nice. But for some reason after all these years I remember so many details of my stay at The Wedgwood Inn; the offering of a drink as soon as we walked in, the refreshment breaks, the lovely upstairs room, and your wonderful hospitality.

Little did I realize that some day my stay at your Inn would change my life. After 30 year in higher education, I decided to retire early, go home to my family to Bellevue, Ohio and open my own B & B. I wanted to do this ever since my stay at your Inn. I often tell my guests this about your "mentoring" of me and it struck me this past weekend when talking to a guest that I never shared this with you. So, I thank you. I have a second career in my life and one that I just love. I enjoyed greatly working in higher education and ultimately becoming a Dean. But, nothing compares to owning my own business in such a wonderful setting and meeting almost daily interesting and engaging people.

I do hope some day, soon, I can return to New Hope, and give you a more personal thank you than this email permits. Fortunately, with the recession seeming to fade, my Inn has been extremely busy for the last 10 months and doesn't seem to be letting up. But, I need to soon take a vacation, so who knows. But, again, I thank you. And am so happy to see you being still so successful. One can have a beautifully decorated B & B, but without that special touch, that special Innkeeper personality - it just won't work. And that is clearly why you touched this guest, in his twenties, thirty years ago so profondly.

My best,
  Richard E. Stegman, Jr., Innkeeper
  The Victorian Tudor Inn
  Bellevue, OH 44811
  www.victoriantudor. com


Carl & Dinie~
Just a quick note to Thank You for your time, professional support and advice. We not only had a lovely stay at your Inn, but learned quite a bit at your "HOW2BB" seminar as well. I hope some day you will be guests at our Inn, when our dream comes true! Take Care!
   Kate & Kevin ( Phila., PA) April 2008

Dear Carl,
We have several B&B's here in Nauvoo, Illinois and we are thinking about starting a B&B association.  I have your book and have enjoyed reading it several times!  Thank you!  If you should have any ideas for us in starting such a group, please let me know.  I would love to have your input. 

Also, do you ever make it to Illinois or do any type of speaking engagements?  We are in great need for some inspiration!  Nauvoo is a very busy little town during the spring, summer and fall.  We have some wonderful B&B's and all of us have something very different to offer guests visiting our area. 

Thanks so much for your time and thoughts.  Again, I really enjoyed your book.  It helped out so much in the beginning days and is still sitting on my book shelf available for a refresher course!
    Greta W.

Hi Carl.
IT's officially here!!!! Our new Inn is open and the new website is finally finished too. Go to www.thepartridgehouse.com and you will be able to see the culmination of one year of the hardest work I ever did in my life!!!! Thanks for all your expert advise. Let me know what you think. Your opinion matters....always has and thank you for all your encouragement.
     Rose and Willie, Pottsville, PA
     SEMINAR grads, March 2005

Dear Carl and Dinie,
We wanted to thank you for our experience as aspiring innkeepers at your Seminar. The two days were full of interesting and worthwhile information we will need on our quest to own a B&B. In addition to the chance to ask questions of you and to hear from fellow aspiring innkeepers at the Seminar, we had the unique opportunity to observe a B&B Association committee meeting and attend a luncheon with many B&B owners. Of course our visits to other B&B's made the Seminar complete.

We spent the rest of the week with a broker visiting B&B's in Lancaster County that are for sale and found several that could meet our dreams and needs. 

We wish you continued success with the Wedgwood Collection and inspiring more potential innkeepers with your Seminar.
    Tom and Sarah M.

Thank you for mailing me your 'How To' book so promptly. It is the best one I have found on running an inn. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
   Sherry Ruby, Innkeeper, SeaScape Manor, Highlands, NJ

Thank you for sharing your 20 years of experience with the 'Zen of innkeeping." Your insights into the 'effortless effort' of successful innkeeping are priceless.
   Steve & Mary, NY, NY

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Jana and Peder

from the

Czech Republic

Innkeeping Seminars

The following is the schedule for two-day seminars for aspiring innkeepers:


March 13th and 14th
April 3rd and 4th


March 11th and 12th
April 15th and16th


The Seminars are set up to allow individuals/couples to meet one another and to share their interests in becoming an innkeeper, and to participate in our 1 night - 2 day workshop, which is limited to no more than fourteen students.  The Seminars are led by Carl and Nadine, with other innkeepers who serve as guest lecturers too.  Guest innkeepers are invited to dinner and encouraged to chat informally with Seminar participants.  Unlike the Apprenticeship Program, the Seminar does not provide the chance to meet "real" houseguests, however limited "hands-on" experience in operating an inn will be available.

One price includes tuition, written materials plus accommodations, a generous, home baked breakfast, lunch and beverages with refreshments at breaks.  (Cost of Dinner is not included.)  The 1 night/2 day seminar begins Monday afternoon (2 pm) and continues through 5 pm on Tuesday.  The all inclusive cost is $275 per person, double occupancy; $499 for single, plus tax and gratuities.

See our Special Packages for aspiring innkeepers.

Carl was the keynote speaker at the Annual Alaskan BB/Inn Convention, March 2006 which was held in Fairbanks, Alaska. He also led a half-day Workshop for Native Alaskan Aspiring Innkeepers. Carl also consulted with the staff of the Greater Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau regarding trends in travel and marketing.

Dinie and Jessica accompanied Carl on this 12 day "working vacation" to the frozen interior of northern Alaska. Click here to view some images of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). We had a great extended stay at www.MinnieStreetBandB.com, flew over the Artic Circle in a small prop airplane with www.Warbelows.com, had a great day mushing through the countryside with www.sleddogadventures.com and followed the Ididarod Trail Sled Dog Race www.Iditarod.com in real time in the daily newspapers.

Layering is not a 7 - layer cake during winter in northern Alaska! Click here for all your travel planning needs to Alaska's interior www.explorefairbanks.com

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The Wedgwood's InnSchool has been featured in a number of business publications in print, online, radio and Television.  In addition, Carl's book and programs have been covered on radio and television programs.

Diversion Magazine for Physicians at Leisure, 2004 by Ms. Appleman
"Carl Glassman offers the best innkeeping workshops and apprenticeships at his Wedgwood Inn in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  For about a week perspective innkeepers do everything from scramble eggs to unscramble finances.  You'll be inspired, but you'll also discover that running a B&B involves a little more than putting up cute gingham curtains in that spare bedroom.

I. Tourneau Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, CANADA: 2004
"I thought you'd be glad to know that another one of your "Seminar graduates" is on her way innkeeping... in Canada! I also wanted to let you know that your "How-To Seminar" was really invaluable in helping us more clearly define our goals and take action more confidently. We've also picked up your book several times to review important considerations.

Sheryl Metcalf of Seattle, 2004
"It was great to have so much data not only all in one place, but in such a lovely setting, and from such well informed sources."

Everett and Gayle of Chicago, 2003
"Attending your how-to seminar was well worth it, even though we delayed our honeymoon to do so!"

Ruby Robbins of New Orleans, 2001:
"Thank you for adding to my dream."

Jeanie Kennedy (pictured at right): 2000
I enjoyed the class . . . and thanks for the innkeeping job at Aaron Burr House!"

New York Times, August 1997:
"Wedgwood's Inn School is a must for the prospective innkeeper."

On Business with Lou Dobbs (CNN) March 1994:
"Glassman's insights to the inn business is valuable for all aspiring innkeepers".

W4, August 1993:
"Wedgwood's Inn School is a unique resource this side of the Mississippi River."

New York Magazine, August 1989:
"Not a complete balloon-popper, Glassman does warn that innkeeping is simply not for everyone, and he brings formidable credentials to his role as trainer."

Entrepreneur Magazine, October 1989:
 "A special concern, financing, is Glassman's forte."

Inc. Magazine, May 1988 (feature article):
"Professor Glassman is one of a few professional (inn) consultants in North America."

Innsider Magazine, September 1986 (cover story):
 "Pipe dream or reality? The Inn School offers a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of successful innkeeping. Without a doubt, the Glassmans are accredited inn experts."

In Business Magazine, December 1985 (cover story):
 "Innkeeping, The Right Time for a Dream Business, and the Glassmans' are the experts to train with."

Country Living, June 1985:
"One of three programs, apprenticeships alone offer a unique chance to test the sometimes murky waters of innkeeping."

Your Money Magazine, Canada, October 1984:
"If you have any doubts as to whether innkeeping is in your blood, the Wedgwood programs could help you make the right decision... including the decision not to buy an Inn."

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Apprenticeship Program

New Hope's 1870 Wedgwood Inn, Innkeeper Apprentice with DinieWe warmly invite prospective innkeepers to spend time at the Wedgwood and to participate in a structured residential "hands-on" learning program, geared to provide a full range of day-to-day experiences in operating an inn.  The length and content of the Apprenticeship Program is tailored to the individual needs of the participants.  The program usually runs between five (5) and ten (10) days, and often runs as long as two weeks.  W4 called this program, "a unique resource this side of the Mississippi River." (August 1990)

Special (for credit) internship programs for college and graduate students have also been designed.

All Apprenticeship Programs cover the full range of inn experiences: from financing your purchase and registering guests to making beds and preparing -breakfast.  Longer stays obviously allow for more in-depth learning. The last days of all programs afford the aspiring innkeeper(s) a chance to take charge and operate the inn by themselves.

Visits to Inn vendors and to other B&B's and Inns are scheduled too, with the intent to provide an insiders perspective to several on-going establishments. There is a $400 cost for the Apprenticeship Program, plus the cost of room and board. Participation is limited, and the Apprenticeship schedule must be arranged in advance.  Apprenticeships are available year 'round, but limited to one apprenticeship per quarter.

U.S. 1 Newspaper - "Do You Want to Run a B&B"  2005 by Euna Kwon Brossman.
...The Glassmans have taken the idea of sharing their knowledge one step further with a series of seminars designed for aspiring innkeepers. The seminars take place on site in New Hope and are set up to allow individuals and couples to meet one another and to discuss their interests in being an innkeeper. The hands-on workshops are led by Carl and Nadine with other innkeepers who serve as guest lecturers - and who give participants a much-needed reality check: is owning an inn as fun and intriguing as the fantasy?...  Click here to read entire article

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Consulting Services

 Carl Glassman, named "one of a few professional inn consultants in North America," by Inc. Magazine (May 1989), is available to consult with aspiring innkeepers on a one-to-one basis at the Wedgwood, or the proposed location of your new inn. In addition to opening many inns for clients in Bucks County, Carl has done inn consulting in Bar Harbor, Charleston, Savannah, Indianapolis, Cape May, Del Ray Beach (Florida), Dubuque (Iowa), and Chesapeake City (Maryland). Services range from location evaluation and structuring the organization and purchase of the property to establishing inn policies and procedures and developing a brochure and marketing plan.

There is a per diem fee ($150/hr.) for consulting services, plus the reimbursement for expenses. Please call for more specific details and a list of references.

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Reading Resources

How to Start and Run Your Own Bed and Breakfast Inn, co-authored by Carl Glassman.  First published in 1992, the second edition is now available. You can purchase an autographed copy by calling the Wedgwood Inn directly (215-862-2570) or Click Here to Order Online.  This is a "must" read for any prospective innkeeper.

"As an aspiring innkeeper, I thirst for reading material! I'm in the process of reading your book published in 1992 "How To Start and Run your Own Bed & Breakfast Inn."  Thanks for so much very good information.  I hope to work at an inn this summer to see if that discourages me at all, I doubt it! Any other books in the bookstore from you?
   Linda Behmoiras, Miami Beach

"Hello, Mr. Glassman.

I am in the process of soaking up your book, How To Start and Run Your Own Bed and Breakfast Inn. My husband just told me yesterday that I am reading it like it's a juicy novel! I told him it was even better than that! I have read a couple of other books on the subject and must tell you that I find yours to be the most informative to date. I am learning a great deal and I'm not even done yet!

We are one of the many who are dreaming of having our own place and are at the research point. I can't help but want to ask what you think the current situation in our country may do to the B&B industry. I would like to think the industry would get a boost from travelers choosing to stay closer to home. I would love to hear from you and hear any tips you would like to pass on.

Thank you again for your great book!
Angela Powell-Craney"

A college student prepared this overview of our Wedgwood Inns, Click Here to view photos and text.


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